[Ip-health] Gates Foundation leading the charge for WHO reform to the tune of $1.47 million

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#WHA64: Govts realizing they agreed to hand over reins of WHO to Gates Foundation for a paltry sum of $1.47 million http://bit.ly/k8WBJV



(b) Estimated cost for the biennium 2010–2011 (estimated to the nearest US$ 10 000 including
staff and activities, and indicating at which levels of the Organization the costs will be
incurred, identifying specific regions where relevant).
Total of activities 1–3 outlined in (a) above: US$ 1 470 000 incurred at headquarters level.


4. Financial implications
How will the estimated cost noted in 3(b) be financed (indicate potential sources of funds)?
Some financing has been secured from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; some additional
financing will also be requested from other sources.


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