Riaz K Tayob riaz.tayob at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 10:03:40 PDT 2011

This is another preventable tragedy.

Surely it is not good public health policy to have such concentrated 
production in ANY essential medicine?

Why is it that distributed production facilities is not on seriously on 
the health agenda for progressives? The case was amply illustrated by 
the Swine Flu "pandemic". Then very late in the game only 2 countries 
had met WHO standards for access to the "stockpile". There was talk of 
upgrading veterinary facilities to produce for human needs. The rich 
countries had protection, even if they did not have production 
facilities, because they had contracts for purchase, and well developing 
countries would just have had to join the queue.

The situation it seems is that productive capacity for manufacturing 
these drugs needs not only to be regionally distributed but needs also 
to be so in the upstream market.

The test for degrees of "market power" or concentration needs to be 
looked at from a public health perspective. Even during the Swine Flu, 
the high class vaccines - low/no mercury - went, well, to the high 
classes even within some countries of Europe.

Perhaps the palliative agenda of treatment really needs to consider a 
more seriously a holistic perspective if preventable morbidity and 
mortality is to be avoided.

Riaz Tayob

On 2011/10/05 01:08 PM, Katy Athersuch wrote:
> Treatment Shortage Forces MSF to Halt Diagnosing Chagas Disease in Paraguay;
> New Treatment Projects Suspended in Endemic Areas in Bolivia
> -- Thousands of people with Chagas disease will go untreated in coming
> months due to a shortage of benznidazole, the first-line drug used in most
> Chagas-endemic countries. The shortage comes as a number of countries
> actively seek to treat people living with the already long neglected
> disease. The international medical humanitarian organization Médecins sans
> Frontières (MSF) is urging the Brazilian Ministry of Health, responsible for
> the world’s only laboratory that manufactures benznidazole, to respect its
> commitment to Chagas patients and to take immediate measures to make the
> drug available.

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