[Ip-health] Petition for A 21st Century Trade Agreement That Promotes Health and Jobs

Ellen Shaffer ershaffer at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 11:04:09 PDT 2011

 Please sign CPATH's petition for a 21st century trade agreement that
advances public health, jobs and democracy:


"The U.S. hosts trade talks this week in Chicago with 8 Pacific Rim
countries. The Administration promised a 21st Century agreement, but already
the Trans Pacific Partnership is treading on democracy, public health, and
labor rights.

Of the 9 countries at the table, only the U.S. will be pushing hard to
undermine tobacco control laws, and to prop up high drug prices. The U.S.
Trade Representative (USTR) didn't even announce the 2-week meeting
publicly. We need public health voices on trade advisory committees, and a
trade policy for the 21st century that advances public health and jobs."

*The petition goes to: President Barack Obama; US Trade Representative Ron
Kirk; Surgeon General Regina Benjamin; Labor Secretary Hilda Solis; FDA
Commissioner Margaret Hamburg; and your representatives in the United States
House of Representatives,  and the United States Senate
*Please click here to sign:*

*And click here to support CPATH's work:    *http://www.cpath.org/id1.html

(Note: *This petition is powered through a new service by MoveOn, **which
will send you email unless you unsubscribe from their list.  Please let us
know  what you think about using this service.)

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