[Ip-health] Carl Nathan - ABx, open science, the HIF in the NYT

Aidan Hollis ahollis at ucalgary.ca
Mon Dec 10 16:56:28 PST 2012

Carl Nathan issues a clarion call for new ways to make new antibiotics in the NY Times.
He identifies the importance of pre-competitive collaboration in research efforts, and suggests that Health Impact Fund-type rewards could help to financially sustain such efforts and the clinical development programs necessary to bring new antibiotics to market.

Although Dr Nathan mentions both me and Thomas Pogge, there is no shortage of others who have been thinking about the financing issues on similar lines, including especially Kevin Outterson (see http://www.bu.edu/lawlibrary/facultypublications/PDFs/Outterson/Outterson%20Pogge%20Hollis%20AHIF%20Final%202.15.12.pdf), James Love and Michael Abramowicz.

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