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Matthew Kavanagh matthew at healthgap.org
Thu Jul 5 10:10:34 PDT 2012

Has your group endorsed the We Can End AIDS Mobilization yet? 
Sign up now to get updates, details, and help us plan! We're just weeks away. 

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We deserve a world in which the lives and health of our communities are prioritized over corporations and ideology. Yet we see the opposite across the United States, in Washington, DC, and throughout the world. We have the science, the treatment, and the resources to end the AIDS epidemic, but not the political will. A cure is more important that political donations from the 1%. We demand change. When the world comes to Washington, DC this month  for the International AIDS Conference, join people living with HIV and HIV/AIDS organizations, unions, student groups, faith communities, and other activists as we mobilize to fight AIDS and for economic justice! 

As the World AIDS Conference convenes in Washington DC, we call on those who fight AIDS and work for economic justice and human rights to mobilize and take action at NOON Tuesday, July 24th. 

WASHINGTON, DC: Occupy The Roots of HIV
12 NOON-- 
Gathering by issue area at key locations, we will take the streets exposing the flow of money that funds harmful policies and legislators. Powerful and creative activities will be lead by each branch and fan out across the city to show our strength and how AIDS touches on a wide variety of issue areas.  Then we will convergence at the power center where the White House, Treasury Department and the National Chamber of Commerce sit at the intersection of the barriers to ending AIDS. 

5 Branches:
-Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street to end AIDS
-Stop Big pharma greed and government officials who deny access to medicine! 
-Sound Policies & Full Funding: housing, needle exchange, implement the NHAS, and more!
-Human Rights & Harm Reduction: Stop the global criminalization of sex workers, drug users, and people living with HIV
-Stop the War on Women & LGBT People: full access to AIDS & reproductive health

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