[Ip-health] Open Letter to the Thai DIP, opposing patent applications on TDF+FTC

Jockey jockey.kit at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 05:04:44 PDT 2012

Dear IP-health group,

Attached, you can find the translation of Thai CSO's open letter to be
handed to the Director General of the Department of IP, Thailand on July 18
at the tomorrow meeting.  This is to oppose Gilead's patent applications on
TDF+FTC in Thailand.

DIP accepted our request to have an academic forum "Time to have a patent
examination guideline to prevent ever-greening patent: TDF+FTC" at the
ministry from 9-12 pm.  It's expected to have 100 participants from PLHIV
network, chronic-disease patient groups, pharmacist and IP academic,
government officers from IP and health departments, and NGO workers.  Guest
speakers from FDA, DIP, GPO, an academic group, and PLHIV network are
invited to share comments on these patent applications.  Thai patient and
NGO groups will take opportunity to have dialogue directly to the policy
makers and give the letter to the Director General at the event.

Best regards,

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