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   July 26, 2012

[1]Entretien avec Hakima Himmich sur le dépistage au Maroc et l’accord ACT
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   Hakima Himmich est fondatrice et présidente de l’association marocaine
   de lutte contre le sida. Nous l’avons interviewé à Casablanca le 10
   juillet 2012. Au cours de cet entretien, il est question du dépistage
   au Maroc, enjeu qu’elle considère aujourd’hui comme prioritaire dans le
   pays. Hakima Himmich revient également sur la signature par le Maroc de
   l’accord sur la contrefaçon ACTA, rejeté il y a moins d’un mois par le
   Parlement Européen.

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   AGENDA : July, 26

   THSA07 Africa’s LGBT Movement: Addressing the HIV Epidemic
   Through Locally Defined Combined Structural Interventions
   to Alter the Social, Political, Economic Factors Driving the
   Non-Commercial Satellite
   Venue: Mini Room 10
   Time: 26.07.2012, 07:00-08:30
   Organizer: AMSHeR (African Men for Sexual Health and Rights)

   THBS01 Show Me the Money: Political Commitment, Resources and
   10:31 - 12:30
   Bridging Session
   Venue: Session Room 1
   Time: 26.07.2012, 11:00-12:30
   Co-Chairs: Kent Buse, Switzerland
   Kemal Siregar, Indonesia

   THAB01 TB Diagnostics: Innovating to Make an Impact
   Oral Abstract Session
   Venue: Session Room 6
   Time: 26.07.2012, 11:00-12:30
   Co-Chairs: Ilesh Jani, Mozambique
   Wendy Stevens, South Africa

   THSY03 HIV Persistence and Eradication
   Symposia Session
   Venue: Session Room 9
   Time: 26.07.2012, 11:00-12:30
   Co-Chairs: Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, France
   Steven G. Deeks, United States

   THSS01 Leadership in the AIDS Response for Women
   Special Session
   Venue: Session Room 1
   Time: 26.07.2012, 12:56-14:00
   Co-Chairs: Helene Gayle, United States
   Gracia Violeta Ross Quiroga, Bolivia

   THSS02 The Evolving Landscape of Hepatitis C and HIV Co-Infection
   Special Session
   Venue: Session Room 2
   Time: 26.07.2012, 13:00-14:00
   Co-Chairs: Tracy Swan, United States
   Jürgen Rockstroh, Germany

   THSY05 The Global Fund: The Next 5 Years
   Symposia Session
   Venue: Session Room 1
   Time: 26.07.2012, 14:30-16:00
   Co-Chairs: Rachel Ong, Singapore
   Eric Goosby, United States

   THWS15 Overcoming Intellectual Property Barriers to Enable Access
   to Affordable Antiretrovials: Pricing and Patent Toolkits and
   Sharing of Successful Strategies from Brazil, India and South
   Community Skills Development
   Venue: Mini Room 7
   Time: 26.07.2012, 14:30-18:00

   THSA17 Supply and Demand of HIV/AIDS Commodities: Can the
   Global Market and National Supply Chains Support
   Continued Rapid Scale Up of HIV/AIDS Treatment?
   Non-Commercial Satellite
   Venue: Mini Room 2
   Time: 26.07.2012, 18:30-20:30
   Organizer: The Partnership for Supply Chain Management and USAID|
   Global Health Bureau|Office of HIV/AIDS

   Follow us : I

[4]EVENT : Investing in People : Grassroots Activism for HIV Treatment Access
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   The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) invites you
   to Investing in People: Grassroots Activism for HIV Treatment Access,
   on Thursday, July 26, 2012 in Washington, DC at 6pm.

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[7]Petition on embalmin in France : Sign in ! - France must stop stigmatizing
PLWHA after their death
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   Picture : At the international AIDS conference in Washington, DC,
   activists from Act Up-Paris & AIDES deliver to the French Minister of
   Health a decree abolishing the current ban of embalming people with
   HIV/AIDS in France. They ask her to sign the decree for this
   discrimination to stop immediately.

       8. http://reatpeopleright.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=1fa6bcad2c5c472bd6c61edd5&id=ee23d29758&e=a2986aaef8

[9]TAG i-base pipeline report now available
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   [10]Retour ligne automatique
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   The new (HIV, HCV, TB) pipeline report published by Treatment Action
   Group (TAG) is now downloadable online.


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[13]MSF releases ’Untangling the web of antiretroviral price reductions’
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   [14]Retour ligne automatique
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   Today, MSF Access campaign launches its annual report ’Untangling the
   web of antiretroviral price reductions’.

   ’Background: [15]Access to Antiretrovirals
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   Eight million people in developing countries are on HIV treatment
   today,1 but the number of people who need access to HIV medicines is

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[17]Public Health-Oriented Management of Intellectual Property Rights :
Overcoming Barriers to Access for Second Line ARV Drugs
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   [18]Retour ligne automatique
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   TUSY08 Public Health-Oriented Management of Intellectual Property
   Rights : Overcoming Barriers to Access for Second Line ARV Drugs

   Chair : Denis Broun, Switzerland

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   An initiativ of Interational Treatment Prepareness Coalition

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