[Ip-health] KEI Comments to USPTO on Genetic Diagnostic Testing

Krista Cox krista.cox at keionline.org
Tue Mar 27 14:07:34 PDT 2012

KEI has submitted comments in response to a federal register notice on
genetic diagnostic testing.  Our comments detail several proposals with
respect to patents on diagnostic technologies and include notes regarding
our position in the American Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics case.
 We also recommended that the USPTO address two additional questions: 1)
Are there better ways to reward investors in diagnostic inventions than the
grant of patents, such as, for example, by creating prize funds that are
resourced by third party insurance reimbursement systems?; 2) For the many
cases where products involve multiple patented inventions, should the
United States amend its patent law to provide for compulsory licenses of
dependent patents or follow-through inventions on diagnostics?

Our comments are available here: http://keionline.org/node/1395

Krista L. Cox
Staff Attorney
Knowledge Ecology International
(202) 332-2670

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