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George Carter fiar at verizon.net
Tue Mar 27 15:32:24 PDT 2012

A friend wanted some details, so I obliged.

Gabapentin has been approved only for treatment of post-herpetic neuralgia, and merely as an adjunctive therapy for partial seizures epilepsy. Its benefit for neuropathy and other forms of pain is questionable as Pfizer was convicted of fraud in the Saris decision. They had previously been found guilty of off-label promotion (which is, pushing the drug for indications other than for which it was approved) but this went beyond that. 

In this case, they were convicted of outright fraud insofar as they had and suppressed clinical trials data that showed no benefit or negative effects for a wide array of diagnoses. Here's a good review: http://www.pharmalot.com/2010/11/judge-upholds-verdict-against-pfizer-over-neurontin/ 

They're convicted liars who got off essentially scot-free since the judgment against them was hardly a fraction of annual profits from the sale of this one drug during its patent life. Meanwhile, more effective or potential new remedies are sidelined or ignored. 

Again, when they whine and moan that need to screw people to death on pricing to promote innovation and discovery, they are lying to protect those profits.
George M. Carter

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