[Ip-health] BIO memo opposing transparency of drug development costs, sales, prices, and clinical trial outcomes | Knowledge Ecology International

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Mon May 21 06:12:57 PDT 2012

The following  is a blog about the BIO opposition to a transparency
amendment to an FDA bill.  The transparency amendment would require
drug sponsors to disclose the costs of pre-clinical research, clinical
trials and related R&D, as well as grants, economic incentives that
subsidize drug development costs, and also report quarterly sales and
revenues, register all clinical trials at www.clinicaltrials.gov, and
report detailed descriptions of each clinical trial participant’s
results.  Among other things, BIO's Andrew Emmett argues that the only
information on drug development costs should come from "de-identified"
information given to "accredited academics to provide periodic
estimates of the cost of modern drug development."

The KEI blog has the text of the transparency amendment and the BIO
memo opposing the amendment, as well as some commentary.


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