[Ip-health] The negotiating text on the R&D resolution, with brackets

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Fri May 25 00:13:53 PDT 2012

The drafting group on the WHA65 resolution on CEWG/R&D financing has
meet twice, 2 hours on Wed and from 9 hours on Thursday.  They have
produced so far the following text, which still have some brackets.
(This was sent out to all missions).

They will be back in the negotiations today at 1pm, Geneva time, in
Salle XII of the Palais des Nations.

So, basically, US and EU are trying to eliminate references to
anything that might be a formal instrument or agreement on R&D
financing.  This extends to even agreeing to discuss the possibility
of a formal agreement.  One of the problems in the negotiations is
that there are so many issues being discussed at the WHA that many of
the developing countries are not able to attend the marathon
negotiation on the R&D resolution.   For example, there are concurrent
discussions on WHO reform and non-communicable diseases, that many
developing countries are engaged in.

The US is at the R&D drafting negotiations with a large team.  The
fact that Nils personally is the lead negotiator for the US shows how
important this is to the United States. Nils is right now the head of
the entire US delegation to the WHA (After the Secretary left town),
and there are dozens of important issues at the WHA this week, but the
R&D resolution is the one that has his attention.

Text as of 24/5/2012 at 22:26

CALLS UPON Member States*, the private sector, academic institutions
and nongovernmental organizations to [increase] investments in health
research and development related to Type II and Type III diseases and
the specific research and development needs of developing countries in
relation to Type I diseases;
* And, where applicable, regional economic integration organizations

REQUESTS regional committees
to discuss at their 2012 meetings the report of the CEWG in the
context of the implementation of the GSPA-PHI in order to contribute
to concrete proposals and actions. [agreed]

REQUESTS the Director-General
to convene a[n] [intergovernmental] meeting open to Member States**
that will take into account the results from national consultations
and regional committee discussions,[as compiled in a report by the
Director-General,] and will develop proposals, or options  on (1)
research coordination, (2) financing and (3) monitoring of R&D
expenditures* [(4) possible instruments, including a binding global
agreement,] to be presented under a substantive item dedicated to the
follow up of the CEWG report in the Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly
through the 132nd session of the EB.
*as defined in the GSPA-PHI
** And, where applicable, regional economic integration organizations

 [to compile the views expressed during that meeting in a document to
be presented under a substantive item dedicated to the follow-up to
the Consultative Expert Working Group’s report, which shall be
included in the agenda of the Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly,
through the 132nd session of the Executive Board.]  [Switzerland]

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