[Ip-health] 65th WHA: Joint Statement of People's Health Movement on R&D Coordination and Financing

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Sat May 26 02:28:25 PDT 2012

*Statement of CMC- Churches Action for Heath to the 65th WHA on Agenda Item
13.14 Consultative Expert Working Group on Research and Development* My
name is John Mahama and I am speaking on behalf of the CMC-Churches Action
for Health and the People’s Health Movement. We commend the Consultative
Expert Working Group (CEWG) for their report. The patent system as the
principal driver of pharmaceutical innovation has failed to deliver the
medications needed for many of the conditions faced in developing
countries. The patent system depends on recovering investment costs through
charging high prices while the drugs are under patent. But poor people
can’t afford high prices which has two consequences: first, the poor are
denied access to treatment and, second, the pharmaceutical companies do not
invest in innovation for the diseases of the poor. Because of this, both
innovation and affordability require the delinking of price from research
costs. This is the underlying premise of the CEWG. The proposed convention
on R&D for health would drive the mobilization of resources; manage the
disbursement of such funds; coordinate public and private efforts; and
provide a platform for continuing policy development and planning. The
proposed instrument will give a material reality to the global moral
obligation towards the poor. The Churches Action for Health and People’s
Health Movement calls upon Member States to adopt and implement the
recommendations of the CEWG with all urgency and to ensure full
transparency at all levels of this process. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


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