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This blog was motivated by an article that appeared in the New York
Times on  May 22, 2012 with the title: "Malaria: Fake and Substandard
Drugs Grow as Threat to Fight Disease," which reported on a recent
article in the June issue of Lancet Infectious Diseases, titled
"Poor-quality antimalarial drugs in southeast Asia and sub-Saharan
Africa."   The term counterfeit appeared 9 times in the body of the
Lancet article, and 22 times in the 83 footnotes. However, what the
authors mean as counterfeit is a broader category of falsified drugs,
including cases where any information about the drug is false,
including such items as the expiration date or ingredients, wholly
independent of any perceived infringements of trademarks or an other
intellectual property rights.

The KEI blog is a comment on the Lancet article, and more generally on
the persistent tendency to lump counterfeits and of types of problem
drugs into the same categories.


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