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GENEVA, 14 NOV 2012: The Medicines Patent Pool is pleased to announce
the appointment of Greg Perry, currently Director General of the
European Generic Medicines Association, as its new Executive Director,
effective 7 January 2013.

“We are excited to have Greg Perry take the helm at the Patent Pool.
His long experience representing the generic pharmaceutical industry
in Europe and globally will be invaluable in taking forward the work
of the Medicines Patent Pool as it continues seeking licences which
will enable more people living with HIV to be treated with affordable
generic drugs,” said Charles Clift, chair of the Medicines Patent Pool
Governance Board.

“The Medicines Patent Pool is an innovative mechanism that can
dramatically change the lives of people living with HIV while offering
a win-win proposition for both businesses and public health. By
creating a partnership between patent holders and generic producers
through the Medicines Patent Pool, access to HIV medicines can be
expanded to the 34 million people currently living with HIV that will
all likely need treatment. Through patent pooling, quality, cutting
edge treatments can be made more easily available for all people with
HIV, and the development and production of critically needed fixed
dosed combinations (FDCs) and paediatric formulations can be enhanced.
I look forward to joining this exciting project and working with all
concerned stakeholders so as to make a significant contribution to
increasing access to medicines,” said Greg Perry.

Greg Perry joins the Medicines Patent Pool with over 20 years
experience in pharmaceutical and intellectual property policy issues.
Greg has an extensive track record of high-level advocacy with
governments, international organisations, pharmaceutical stakeholders
and NGOs and has a personal commitment to improving public health.
Greg founded the European Generic Medicines Association in 1993 and
has been its Director General since 1999. He is also a founding member
of the International Generic Pharmaceutical Alliance and has been on
its management committee since 1997. Prior to joining the generic
industry, Greg advised corporate and non-governmental organisations on
European Union legislation and policy.

Greg was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit of the Republic of Poland
in 2004 for contribution to industry and European integration. He was
granted an honorary life fellowship of the Organisation for
Professionals in Regulatory Affairs (TOPRA) in 2005 for contributions
to European pharmaceutical regulatory issues. Greg is also member of
the Standing Advisory Committee before the European Patent Office.

“When I first came across the idea of a Medicines Patent Pool several
years ago, I had a vision of an organisation that could demonstrate a
new business model for the future – one that could work for all
stakeholders: originator pharmaceutical companies, generic companies,
and most importantly people living with HIV. In Greg Perry, the Pool
has chosen someone who can help take that vision forward,” said
Philippe Douste-Blazy, chair of innovative financing mechanism
UNITAID’s Executive Board. UNITAID, an organisation devoted to
increasing treatment for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, helped create
the Pool in 2010.

About the Medicines Patent Pool

The Medicines Patent Pool, founded by UNITAID in 2010, aims to lower
the prices of HIV medicines and facilitate the development of
better-adapted HIV medicines, such as simplified “fixed-dose
combinations” and special formulations for children. It does this by
creating a pool of relevant patents for licensing to generic
manufacturers. Facilitating generic competition brings down prices and
can help stimulate innovation. The Medicines Patent Pool has been
endorsed by the World Health Organization, the UN High Level Meeting
on AIDS, and the Group of 8 as a promising innovative approach to
improve access to HIV medicines.
For more information, see www.medicinespatentpool.org, or contact
Kaitlin Mara at kmara at medicinespatentpool.org.

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