[Ip-health] Whose genes?

George Carter fiar at verizon.net
Tue Mar 26 07:38:33 PDT 2013

Wonder when they'll start demanding royalties for expressing a gene in your own body?

Especially if it might be Round-Up Ready genes from eating poisoned, patented food?

How much more absurd does this all have to get before serious reform is undertaken? How many more millions literally have to die before the greed of corporations is satisfied?
George M. Carter

You don't 'own' your own genes: Researchers raise alarm about loss of individual 'genomic liberty' due to gene patents
March 26th, 2013 in Genetics 
Humans don't "own" their own genes, the cellular chemicals that define who they are and what diseases they might be at risk for. Through more than 40,000 patents on DNA molecules, companies have essentially claimed the entire human genome for profit, report two researchers who analyzed the patents on human DNA. Their study, published March 25 in the journal Genome Medicine, raises an alarm about the loss of individual "genomic liberty."

In their new analysis, the research team examined two types of patented DNA sequences: long and short fragments. They discovered that 41 percent of the human genome is covered by longer DNA patents that often cover whole genes. They also found that, because many genes share similar sequences within their genetic structure, if all of the "short sequence" patents were allowed in aggregate, they could account for 100 percent of the genome.

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