[Ip-health] Nina Mahmud's letter to Bayer at ITC hearing on India

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Fri Feb 14 12:11:13 PST 2014

The following is the text of a letter that Nina Mahmud gave to Bayer, at
the US ITC hearing in Washington DC, on India.

The letter is addressed to Philip Blake, the President of Bayer USA. He was
listed as a witness for Thursday. But he is replaced by Juli Corcoran, from
Bayer, who is speaking in his place. Nina gave the letter to Julie Corcoran.


February 14, 2014

Dear Mr. Philip Blake,

My name is Nina Mahmud and my father-in-law is Fathi Helmi Aboseda. He is
dying from Liver Cancer and needs Nexavar.  He lives in Alexandria, Egypt
where Nexavar is sold for $1,724 US dollars for 2 weeks supply of
medication. The cost of Nexavar has already depleted the family's life
savings and cannot afford his next bottle of Nexavar. Currently, he only
has enough Nexavar to last him through this Saturday, February 15th, 2014.

He and his twin brother own a market and he earns approximately $280 a
month. To afford the next bottle of Nexavar we have to sell the family
business which may take a few months and will only provide 9 months of
Nexavar. This is the family business that would have been passed down to
the next generation for their future means of income. After that we will
have nothing left to sell.

Fathi started Nexavar on December 4, 2013 and as of last week his lab
values have returned to normal range and his tumors have shrunk. However,
he will not survive long off of Nexavar.

Fathi is the father of Mohamed (my husband), Maged, Mai and Maha and the
grandfather of 3 beautiful children, Omar (4 years old), Eiad (2 years old)
and Amir (1 year old). He also helped raise his 5 nephews and nieces when
their mother died at a young age. He is married to Nadia, the
love-of-his-life, for 39 years.

I am asking Bayer to immediately sell Nexavar in Egypt at a price that
people can afford. It is not realistic to provide a 1 month supply of
Nexavar at  $3732 US dollars in a country where the average earning is less
than a $100 US dollars a month.

If there's truth to Bayer Pharmaceuticals mission and value statement then
they need to immediately make Nexavar affordable to everyone.

If Bayer is a  'science for a better life' then allow the opportunity for a
better life to everyone regardless of socioeconomic status or country of

If Bayer is a 'world-class innovation company' then let that innovation be
accessible to people in both the developing and industrial countries.

If Bayer's 'scientific achievements aim to help improve people's lives by
addressing the great challenges of our time'  then help improve the great
challenges in everyone's lives.

If Bayer's aim is to 'discover and manufacture products that will improve
human health worldwide by diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases'
then do so and make Nexavar accessible and affordable to everyone.

Steps that Bayer can take to make Nexavar accessible and affordable to
everyone include: (1) selling Nexavar at prices that are affordable, in
each county where the drug is sold, and/or, (2) for countries where Bayer
is clearly not serving everyone in a country, license the relevant patents
to generic drug companies, so they can make and sell generic versions at a
price point that better reflects peoples' incomes, in that country.

Bayer is very wrong to block every effort to expand access to affordable
supplies of Nexavar, and to price Nexavar only " for Western patients who
can afford this product."

Please do not let my children lose the opportunity of having their
grandfather in their lives simply because Nexavar is too expensive for us
to afford.

I would like to schedule a meeting with you and your staff to follow up on
the concrete steps that Bayer can take to address the the pricing policies
that currently strip people of all of their assets, their life's work, and
their ability to provide for their spouses, children and other dependents,
and which even make access impossible, and which have terrible negative
impact on their health and life expectancy.


Nina Mahmud


nina.a.mahmud at gmail.com

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