[Ip-health] Melbourne IAC/THSS02 The Future of HIV and HCV Treatment - Patents, Pricing and Pharma, Special Session

Pauline Londeix pauline.londeix at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 05:02:14 PDT 2014

THSS02 The Future of HIV and HCV Treatment -
Patents, Pricing and Pharma
Special Session
Venue: Melbourne Room 1
Time: 13:00-14:00

Co-Chairs: Linda Mafu, Switzerland
Meg Doherty, WHO

Optimizing treatment regimens for management of HIV and HCV remains a
key priority for the international community. While various
initiatives are ongoing to optimize current treatment options for HIV,
newer ARVs will also soon become available for use in resource-limited
settings, which may offer significant advantages over existing
treatment options. Products in the pipeline may also provide
opportunities for better-tolerated and more affordable regimens or
innovative delivery mechanisms.
With the recent revolution in treatments for HCV, there is an urgent
need to determine how access to treatments can be expanded and costs
significantly reduced. This interactive panel will discuss the
promising opportunities ahead and the challenges that must be overcome
to ensure that these scientific breakthroughs are available to all.

L.Mafu, Switzerland

Present a target treatment profile for an ideal regimen for treating
HIV based on clinical needs on the ground and indicate challenges with
current treatments
D.Ripin, United States

Generic Pharma rep
J.Gogtay, India

How the Medicines Patent Pool can help to overcome patent-related
constraints on new ARVs to enable generic production and thereby
low-cost access for people living in developing countries and how to
promote the development of appropriate fixed dose combinations of
recommended regimens
G.Perry, Switzerland

Opportunities and challenges of access to new HCV treatment
G.Alton, United States

HCV drug pricing
P.Londeix, France

Questions and answers

Closing remarks
M.Doherty, WHO

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