[Ip-health] Global Congress IV - New Delhi, December, 2015

Nehaa Chaudhari nehaa at cis-india.org
Tue Jul 22 04:02:06 PDT 2014

Hello everyone!

I hope you'll are well.

My name is Nehaa Chaudhari. I work at the Centre for Internet and 
Society, India ("CIS").

CIS will be hosting the fourth edition of the Global Congress on 
Intellectual Property and the Public Interest ("GC-IV/the Congress") at 
New Delhi, India, in December, 2015. Tentatively, we've blocked the 
first two weeks of December, 2015 for hosting GC-IV.  The final dates 
will be decided in a couple of months, possibly after WIPO releases its 
calendar of events and meetings for 2015, so as to ensure that the 
Congress does not clash with any of WIPO's events.

Anubha Sinha, M.P. Nagaraj, Maggie Huang, Pranesh Prakash, Rohini 
Lakshane, Sunil Abraham and I will be the team from CIS working on 
GC-IV. Our email addresses are as under:

 1. Anubha Sinha- anubha at cis-india.org
 2. M.P. Nagaraj- nagaraj at cis-india.org
 3. Maggie Huang- maggie at cis-india.org
 4. Pranesh Prakash- pranesh at cis-india.org
 5. Rohini Lakshane- rohini at cis-india.org
 6. Sunil Abraham- sunil at cis-india.org
 7. Nehaa Chaudhari- nehaa at cis-india.org

At the moment, we're working on our preliminary budget for the Congress, 
which we should have finalized in about two weeks. Over the next few 
weeks, we will have more updates for you, on a website, the tracks as 
well as a call for proposals.

Please do tentatively save the first two weeks of December, 2015 for 
your participation in the Congress.

I look forward to your support as we take this forward. It would be 
great if you could circulate this email within your respective networks, 
and help us reach out to as many people as possible.
Do write in to us with your queries and suggestions. We would be happy 
to take them on board.

Thank you for your time.

Warm regards,

Nehaa Chaudhari


Nehaa Chaudhari
The Centre for Internet and Society
No. 194, 2nd 'c' Cross,
2nd Stage, Domlur,
Bangalore- 560071,
Karnataka, India.
wWebsite- http://cis-india.org/

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