[Ip-health] March 31: Supreme Court Series - Alice Corporation v. CLS Bank

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American University Washington College of Law Program on Information Justice
& Intellectual Property PresentsSupreme Court Series:Alice Corporation Pty.
Ltd. v. CLS Bank InternationalPost Argument Discussion
Monday, March 31, 20144:00pm - 5:45pmReception to follow in Student Lounges
Room 402American University, Washington College of Law4801 Massachusetts Ave
NW Washington DC 20016  For Registration, CLE info & Webcast (live and

In PIJIP¹s ongoing Supreme Court Series, a panel of counsel for amici and
parties will discuss the case on the afternoon following oral argument
before the Court. Issue: Whether claims to computer-implemented inventions ­
including claims to systems and machines, processes, and items of
manufacture ­ are directed to patent-eligible subject matter within the
meaning of 35 U.S.C. § 101 as interpreted by this Court.Speakers:
Judge Paul Michel, Chief Judge (Retired), United States Court of Appeals for
the Federal Circuit, Amicus CuriaeProfessor Pamela Samuelson, Richard M.
Sherman Distinguished Professor of Law, UC Berkeley School of LawProfessor
Kevin Collins, Professor of Law, Washington University School of LawD.
Zachary Hudson, Bancroft PLLC, Counsel for Amicus Curiae, International
Business Machines Corporation, in Support of Neither PartyPaul Hughes, Mayer
Brown LLP, Counsel for Amicus Curiae, BSA | The Software Alliance, in
Support of Respondent Moderated by: Prof. Jonas Anderson, American
University Washington College of Law
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