[Ip-health] New Tufts study on R&D costs

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Fri Nov 14 09:35:21 PST 2014

Next week, a new version of the Tufts study on R&D costs will be released.

KEI will give $50 to the person who comes the closed in predicting the new
figure for the cost of R&D for the lead indication of a new chemical entity.

An abstract of the earlier 2003 study,"The price of innovation: new
estimates of drug development costs" is available here:


The 2003 study put the number at $802 million (not $800 million, but $802
million), in 2000 dollars.

As I said, $50 for the closest estimate, published on IP-Health, before the
new number is announced (or leaked).


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