[Ip-health] New Tufts study on R&D costs

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The Tufts "study" is one of the longest running scams in health IP. I have talked to these guys and they've told me they trust the drug companies to be honest. There's no way to the truth when you start there.

Jamie, it'll be higher, even though there's less new drugs. Why? Well if your auditors say they trust you, wouldn't you give them higher numbers? This "study" doesn't merit publication.


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Next week, a new version of the Tufts study on R&D costs will be released.

KEI will give $50 to the person who comes the closed in predicting the new
figure for the cost of R&D for the lead indication of a new chemical entity.

An abstract of the earlier 2003 study,"The price of innovation: new
estimates of drug development costs" is available here:


The 2003 study put the number at $802 million (not $800 million, but $802
million), in 2000 dollars.

As I said, $50 for the closest estimate, published on IP-Health, before the
new number is announced (or leaked).


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