[Ip-health] The Office of Health Economics study

George Carter fiar at verizon.net
Mon Nov 17 04:56:25 PST 2014

My estimate: $2.8 billion. 

Are the costs inclusive of bloated early development costs, e.g., licensing fees for cell cultures? Does it include nonsense like calling spending $11 billion acquiring another company "R&D"? 

What Jamie said below covers my dim view of Mr. Demasi and his work. Does it recognize the cost of people suffering and dying for lack of access in the High, Middle and Low Income Countries? Sometimes by the millions (e.g., HIV and hepatitis C and cancer)? Does it cover the knock on costs to a fragile health care system that causes huge numbers of foreclosures? The use of CROs to use Indians or Africans as guinea pigs? The enormous human capital? These figures should be included and deducted as "death panel" taxes, both from the bloated, absurd figure, let alone the subsidies, NIH trials and abuse of public funding while finding tax havens in places like Ireland.

I think this weak and deceitful use of math and statistics reflects precisely the damage done to science and medicine when such legerdemain is the necessary obfuscation and outcome of a privatized system of R&D that ALSO ignores most infectious diseases.

It's every bit as evil and selfish and psychotic as ISIL beheading that young man. But it kills millions resulting in what is nothing short of economic genocide out of cold, literally calculating greed.
George M. Carter

> But if your work is consistently used to justify prices for drugs where the
> facts you present are at odds with the realities for those drugs, or when
> your work is wildly misquoted (how many times do people quote the $802
> number as a figure out-of-pocket costs before adjustments for risk or
> capital costs?) and this is never cleared up, then people, including me,
> will assume their is an element of advocacy, on behalf of your clients.

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