[Ip-health] EBOV

ISSHAK MRABET isshak.mrabet01 at estudiant.upf.edu
Fri Nov 21 10:22:54 PST 2014

Dear ip-health,

I am sending you this e-mail in order to ask for information on patents for
Ebola vaccines. I am a student from Catalonia (Spain) enrolled in his 4th
year of Human Biology degree and doing research on the Ebola Outbreak. I
would like to know if anyone could direct me towards information on patents
currently filed + - granted for ebola vaccines, e.g. for the one currently
in clinical trials (phase I) by GSK in the UK: cAd3-ZEBOV.

It is only for academic use.

Yours faithfully,

Isshak Mrabet Deraoui

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