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Edward Hammond eh at pricklyresearch.com
Sat Nov 22 07:44:10 PST 2014

Mr. Rader -

I agree with many of your observations about markets not working for
Ebola vaccines, but don't think it is accurate to say that there are few
Ebola vaccines-related patents.

Perhaps you meant to say that there are relatively few patents and
published patent applications claiming Ebola antigens and Ebola antigens
inserted into specific (proprietary) vaccine vectors/platforms.

The second statement is arguably the case, although such patents do
exist.  The first statement I do not believe is true.

Private sector Ebola vaccine development (and antivirals even more) has
been consistently intermingled with programs with other goals (e.g. HCV,
smallpox, even anti-cancer therapies), which makes the IP outlook not so
simple in many cases.

Edward Hammond

On 11/21/2014 04:32 PM, Biotech. Info. Inst. wrote:
> First, always the best place for a student to start is your university library, which I presume nowadays provides access to at least a basic set of value-added/fee-based databases.  Along these lines, Derwent and Chemical Abstracts databases may well be the best, e.g., with more in-depth and controlled indexing, but I doubt most universities pay for these.
> Otherwise, there are many free databases, such as from WIPO, EPO and USPTO.  
> Keep in mind, patent applications are generally not pubished/disclosed by patent offices until 18 months after filing, so patent applications are always dated, represening work likely done about 2 or even more years ago.  And granted patents are even older, more dated.
> Vaccines are now a very wide area, including live gene therapy vector-like ones (e.g., cAd3-ZEBOV), both recombinant and synthetic antigens, may be prophylactic and/or therapeutic, may target cellular and not just the usual humor immunity, etc.  Also, keep in mind, most Ebola protein/antigen-related patents, even if primarily directed to diagnostic uses, are likely also relevant to vaccines.  Passive immunization with antibodies, e.g., antibodies/immunoglobulin from survivors, is not consider as vaccines.  
> Overall, I think you will find relatively few Ebola vaccines-related patents.  About the only facilities even able handle the live virus are government, e.g., NIH, CDC, USAMRIID, UK HPA/DSTL (Porton Down), Vector and other Russia biological warfare (defense?) facilities, etc.  Plus, there is (or perhaps rather has been) no real market for Ebola prophylactic vaccines, with Ebola (at least historically) only a problem in a few areas with near zero abilty to purchase, much less properly ship, store and administer any vaccine; Ebola has not been a major pandemic hazard (mostly confined to isolated, remote, destitute, parts of equitorial Africa); developed countries (traditionally, the major markets for vaccines) are in rather good shape to contain Ebola epidemics (as we have seen); etc.  Historically (again, could be changing), developing an Ebola vaccine is comparable to developing a biodefense vaccine - the only markets and only organizations capable of doing and funding needed R&D and also likely ever purchasing the vaccine are governments.  
> Good luck with your project.
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> On Nov 21, 2014, at 1:22 PM, ISSHAK MRABET <isshak.mrabet01 at estudiant.upf.edu> wrote:
>> Dear ip-health,
>> I am sending you this e-mail in order to ask for information on patents for
>> Ebola vaccines. I am a student from Catalonia (Spain) enrolled in his 4th
>> year of Human Biology degree and doing research on the Ebola Outbreak. I
>> would like to know if anyone could direct me towards information on patents
>> currently filed + - granted for ebola vaccines, e.g. for the one currently
>> in clinical trials (phase I) by GSK in the UK: cAd3-ZEBOV.
>> It is only for academic use.
>> Yours faithfully,
>> -- 
>> Isshak Mrabet Deraoui
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