[Ip-health] Politico-Morning Trade: U.S.-India statement wide-ranging

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Wed Nov 26 06:15:06 PST 2014

Morning Trade: Singapore's demands complicate TPP — U.S.-India statement
wide-ranging — EU nods to TTIP secrecy concerns

Subject: Morning Trade:

By Victoria Guida | 11/26/14 5:55 AM EST

with help from Adam Behsudi and Doug Palmer

director at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Global Intellectual Property
Center, called the forum "a good start." "Our expectation going in was that
this would be an agenda-setting opportunity," he said, adding that this is
the first time that many of these issues — particularly surrounding
pharmaceutical patents — have been discussed at this level.

"The fact that this has taken place, the fact that there is broad agreement
on an agenda, the fact that they didn't seem to close off any avenues of
discussion … we're very pleased with direction of the engagement," Kilbride

Chris Moore, senior director for international business policy at the
National Association of Manufacturers, praised the work by USTR, but he
noted the "vagueness" in the statement, such as on investment, and said his
group would have liked to see more concrete progress "as an indication of
India's willingness to engage and to really work with us toward solutions
to longstanding issues" as well as new ones.

But Jamie Love, director of the nonprofit group Knowledge Ecology
International, which advocates for the poor, had a different take on the
meeting. "If Michael Froman succeeds in cutting off India as a supplier of
inexpensive generic medicines, he will kill more people than Obamacare will
save, and that's not much of a legacy," he said.

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