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I would like to personally invite you to attend a conference on Global
Health/Access to Medicines on May 7 and 8 at Ryerson University (scroll
down for more details, or visit our website:
http://globalstrategy.ninja/conference). This event is supported by grants
from Canadian Institutes of Health Research and International Development
Research Centre.

While attending the conference is free, our organizing team asks that you sign
up for this event
<http://globalstrategy.ninja/os_events/nojs/registration/389311> to help us
determine attendance numbers for refreshments, and to ensure that we can
contact you in the event of any changes.

Warm regards,


*Global Health / Global Justice 2015 ConferenceMaking New Medicines
Accessible to All*

Thursday May 7, 2015, 9 am–7 pm
RCC204, Eaton Lecture Theatre, Rogers Communication Centre, Ryerson

Friday May 8, 2015, 9 am–7 pm
Cara Commons, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University

Campus map of Ryerson University: http://www.ryerson.ca/maps/

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In the last twenty years, extensive and uniform protections of intellectual
property rights (IPRs) have been incorporated into the global trading
system through initiatives such as the WTO's Trade-Related Aspects of
Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement. Under this IPR regime, the
development of new medicines is driven by the reward of high prices
facilitated by temporary market exclusivity. While this method of
incentivizing research has produced important innovations, it has also
engendered unfortunate consequences. When a new medicine is protected from
generic competition, its profit-maximizing price inevitably excludes a
large proportion of the world's population, even in affluent countries such
as Canada. As a result of this system of incentives, people suffer and die
needlessly as the medicines they need are out of their reach, and research
is focused on medicines that can be sold at high prices, rather than on
those that would lead to the greatest improvements in human health.

[image: World map of medicines]

Co-organized by Steven J. Hoffman
<http://globalstrategy.ninja/people/steven-hoffman> (University of
Ottawa), Aidan
Hollis <https://econ.ucalgary.ca/profiles/aidan-hollis> (University of
Calgary), Thomas Pogge
<http://www.yale.edu/macmillan/globaljustice/pogge.html> (Yale University),
and Mitu Sengupta <http://mitusengupta.com/> (Ryerson University), this
two-day conference will examine the challenges presented by the IPR regime
to improving health and access to medicines in both Canada and beyond. It
will also explore methods of meeting these challenges through existing
policy initiatives and through a new mechanism for incentivizing
pharmaceutical innovation – the Health Impact Fund
<http://healthimpactfund.org/> (HIF).

Funded by governments and other donors, the proposed HIF would support the
development and delivery of new medicines through a pay-for-performance
mechanism. Any pharmaceutical firm would have the option of registering a
new medicine with the HIF, thereby agreeing to provide it at cost anywhere
it is needed in exchange for reward payments based on the drug’s actual
health impact.

The HIF proposal has inspired a massive body of research on topics as
diverse as antibiotic resistance, health ethics, pay-for-performance, and
global governance. This conference will provide a venue for sharing key
findings from this research with stakeholders in health policy and
pharmaceutical innovation, with the ultimate aim of improving policy
making, industry practices and public discourse around healthcare quality
and access.

*Speakers include (in alphabetical order):*

   - *José Augusto Barreto-Filho
   Divisão de Cardiologia da Universidade Federal de Sergipe, Brazil
   - *Jaclyn Beca <http://cc-arcc.ca/our-team/#toggle-id-30>*, Manager,
   Pharmaeconomics Research Unit, Cancer Care Ontario
   - *Solomon Benatar
   Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto, and Founding
   Director of UCT Bioethics Centre
   - *Y.Y. Chen <http://www.yybrandonchen.com/>*, SJD Candidate, Faculty of
   Law, University of Toronto
   - *Olivia Chow <http://oliviachow.ca/>*, Distinguished Visiting
   Professor, Ryerson University, and former Member of Canada's Parliament and
   Toronto City Councillor
   - *Brent Fraser
   Director, Drug Program Services Branch, Ontario Ministry of Health and
   Long-Term Care
   - *Julio Frenk
   <http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/deans-office/julio-frenk-dean/>*, Dean,
   Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University
   - *Yugank Goyal <http://www.jslh.edu.in/content/yugank-goyal>, *Associate
   Professor, Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities, Jindal Global
   University, India
   - *Paul Grootendorst
   <http://www.pharmacy.utoronto.ca/users/grootendorst-p>*, Director of the
   Division of Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Leslie Dan Faculty of
   Pharmacy, University of Toronto
   - *Nicole Hassoun
   Associate Professor of Philosophy, Binghamton University
   - *Steven J. Hoffman <http://globalstrategy.ninja/people/steven-hoffman>*,
   Associate Professor of Law and Director, Global Strategy Lab, University of
   - *Aidan Hollis <https://econ.ucalgary.ca/profiles/aidan-hollis>*,
   Professor of Economics, University of Calgary
   - *Jillian Kohler <http://www.pharmacy.utoronto.ca/users/kohler-j>*,
   Associate Professor, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto
   - *Trudo Lemmens
   and Scholl Chair in Health Law and Policy, Faculty of Law, University of
   - *Chris MacDonald
   Associate Professor, Law and Business, Ted Rogers School of Management,
   Ryerson University
   - *Mathura Mahendren
   <http://globalstrategy.ninja/people/mathura-mahendren>*, BHSc Candidate,
   McMaster University
   - *Stephanie Nixon
   <http://www.dlsph.utoronto.ca/faculty-profile/stephanie-nixon>, *Associate
   Professor, University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health
   - *Kevin Outterson
   Professor of Law, Bioethics and Human Rights, Boston University
   - *Jane Philpott <http://janephilpott.ca/bio/>*, MP Candidate for the
   Liberal Party of Canada in the riding of Markham-Stouffville and former
   Chief of the Department of Family Medicine at Markham Stouffville Hospital
   - *Andrew Pinto
   Physician, St. Michael's Hospital and Assistant Professor, University of
   Toronto Faculty of Medicine
   - *Thomas Pogge <http://www.yale.edu/macmillan/globaljustice/pogge.html>*,
   Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs, Yale University
   - *Mariana Prado
   Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Law,
   University of Toronto
   - *Zain Rizvi <http://globalstrategy.ninja/people/zain-rizvi>*, JD
   Candidate, Yale Law School
   - *Mitu Sengupta <http://mitusengupta.com/>*, Associate Professor of
   Politics and Public Administration, Ryerson University
   - *Geeta Sodhi <http://www.swaasthya.net/>*, Director of Swaasthya, India
   - *Lathika Sritharan
   <http://globalstrategy.ninja/people/lathika-sritharan>*, Research
   Coordinator, Global Strategy Lab, University of Ottawa
   - *Jami Taylor <https://www.linkedin.com/pub/jami-taylor/16/141/885>*,
   Senior Director, Global Access Policy, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

*Unable to attend the conference in-person? No problem!Just visit the below
links for live video streaming:*

   - Here is the link for *Thursday **May 7, 2015*:
   - Here is the link for *Friday **May 8, 2015*:

*Canadian Book Launch of "To Save Humanity": What Matters Most for a
Healthy Future
by Julio Frenk and Steven J. Hoffman and published by Oxford University

The conference will also host the official Canadian launch of a new book to
be published by Oxford University Press. *“To Save Humanity”
a collection of 96 short, honest essays on what single issue matters most
for the future of global health. Authored by the world’s leading voices
from science, politics, and social advocacy, this collection is both a
primer on the major issues of our time and a blueprint for post-2015 health
and development. Contributors include Michelle Bachelet (President of
Chile), Michael Bloomberg (former Mayor of New York City), Gro Harlem
Brundtland (former PM of Norway), Margaret Chan (WHO Director-General),
Bill Clinton (former US President), Paul Farmer (Co-Founder of Partners In
Health), Melinda Gates (Co-Chair of Gates Foundation), Elton John (Grammy
Award-winning musician), Jim Yong Kim (World Bank President), Ngozi
Okonjo-Iweala (Nigeria's Finance Minister), Michael Porter (Harvard
Business School professor), Michel Sidibé (UNAIDS Executive Director), and
Larry Summers (former US Treasury Secretary). This unparalleled collection
aims to provide illuminating and thought-provoking reading for anyone
invested in our collective future. Copies of the book will be available for
sale at the conference – which is almost a month *before* they will reach
the shelves of Canadian bookstores on June 1, 2015.


*Attending this conference is free. However, we ask you to please sign up
for this event
<http://globalstrategy.ninja/os_events/nojs/registration/389311> to help us
determine numbers for refreshments and ensure we can email you in the event
of any changes.*

For more information, please contact Prof. Mitu Sengupta (
sengupta at ryerson.ca) or
Mr. Matthew Hughsam (hughsamb at mcmaster.ca).

*We gratefully acknowledge funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health
Research, International Development Research Centre, Ted Rogers School of
Management, and the Office of the Vice President of Research & Innovation
at Ryerson University, and in-kind support from Academics Stand Against

*Mitu Sengupta*

*B.A., M.A. (McGill), Ph.D. (Toronto) *

*Associate Professor *

*Department of Politics & Public Administration*

*Ryerson University, **350 Victoria Street, JOR 806*

*Toronto, ON M5B 2K3 (Canada)*

*Phone: 416-979-5000 (ext 4183) *

*Email | Website: sengupta at ryerson.ca <sengupta at ryerson.ca> |
mitusengupta.com <http://mitusengupta.com> *

*Member, Board of Directors, **Academics Stand Against Poverty
<http://academicsstand.org/> and *

*Global Coordinator, **Centre for Development and Human Rights
<http://www.cdhr.org.in/> (New Delhi)*


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