[Ip-health] 2002 Fast Track vs. 2015 Fast Track -- differences in IP negotiating objectives

Steven Knievel sknievel at citizen.org
Thu Apr 16 15:22:10 PDT 2015

Hello all (and apologies for cross-posting) -

We put together this table -- http://www.citizen.org/documents/fast-track-intellectual-property-objectives-differences.pdf -- which shows side-by-side the differences between the IP section of the U.S. negotiating objectives in the 2002 Fast Track and the 2015 Fast Track introduced today, along with a brief commentary note. 

You may be shocked to learn that the language on IP in the 2015 bill looks pretty darn similar to the language on IP in the 2002 Fast Track. Today's bill replicates word-for-word the 2014 Fast Track bill language on IP negotiating objectives.



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