[Ip-health] Compulsory Licensing vs. International Procurement

Joel Lexchin jlexchin at yorku.ca
Mon Apr 20 23:08:01 PDT 2015

Here are some questions/concerns that I have about the paper by Beall et al.:
1.     Using currency conversion rates can be problematic because of the fluctuation in currency values against the US dollar.

2.     Would the results have been different if the authors used case countries where there was more than a single generic available, i.e., multiple generics lead to lower prices because of price competition.

3.     Are there potentially more drugs that are available under one strategy than another?

4.     Is it easier (less bureaucracy), quicker and less expensive in terms of resources, personnel, etc. to obtain drugs under a compulsory license or to obtain them through an international procurement agreement?

5.     This study only looked at antiretrovirals and cannot be generalized to other therapeutic groups.

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