[Ip-health] Some of the twitter commentary on #AB463 today

Mohga Kamal-Yanni mkamalyanni at Oxfam.org.uk
Wed Apr 29 03:42:24 PDT 2015

Clearly it's anti-American to sell medicines to Americans at affordable 

I fail to understand the logic

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My favorite quote is from industry PR consultant Kassy Perry: "Reason
prevails in CA. #AB463 fails. Anti-American efforts for #price controls

So, the industry thinks it is "anti-american" to ask what they actually
spend on R&D for a drug.


?Kassy Perry ‏@KassyPerry  11h11 hours ago
Kassy Perry retweeted ChronicCareSD
California lawmakers can today vote for #innovation, research, and #cures
by saying no to #AB463

Bay Area Bioscience @BayBio  10 hours ago
CA Assembly Health Committee has a chance to let common sense prevail
today, voting no on #AB463. Statement: http://bit.ly/1J79phm  #CALeg

CHI @calhealthcare  3 hours ago
In targeting #biopharma, #AB463 questions the cost, complexity, and risk 
the development of innovative medicines. http://bit.ly/1J79phm

CHI @calhealthcare  2 hours ago
As the voice of California's life sciences sector, representing 750+ orgs,
we respectfully oppose #AB463. http://bit.ly/1J79phm  #caleg

James Love @jamie_love  37 minutes ago
Apparently @PhRMA, BIO, etc, blocked movement of #AB463 from the CA
Assembly Health Committee today.

Kassy Perry @KassyPerry  27 minutes ago
Reason wins! #AB463 is dead “@calhealthcare: As voice of #CA biomed 
representing 750+ orgs we oppose #AB463. http://bit.ly/1J79phm ”

Kassy Perry @KassyPerry  23 minutes ago
. at ChronicCareSD Thank you for supporting innovation. #AB463 failed to 
2 year bill.

Kassy Perry ‏@KassyPerry  25m25 minutes ago
Reason prevails in CA. #AB463 fails. Anti-American efforts for #price
controls fail. Patients need solutions. #Access #Coverage?

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