[Ip-health] Chagas disease a target for profit thirsty "enterpreneurs"

Janis Lazdins lazdinsj at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 16:17:26 PST 2015

 <http://www.fiercebiotech.com/tags/martin-shkreli> Martin Shkreli (KaoBios)
has made a move for the acquisition of benznidazole, registered and used in
many endemic countries for Chagas Disease..  This is a move by the
"entrepreneur" " who recently acquired the exclusive rights to Daraprim  and
hiked the price by 5,000%. Now he acquired exclusive rights for benznidazole
and intends to submit it for FDA approval that would qualify KaoBios for the
FDA voucher. This submission will be based on a minimal investment in R&D
and mostly on evidence on efficacy and safety from research conducted by
scientists in developing countries from the public sector since many years.
If approved by FDA it is not very reassuring for those living with the
infection of T. cruzi in the US on how this will impact on the access of
this drug giving the precedent of Daraprim. Furthermore, if approved, it
will allow to get the FDA voucher and probably selling it at an exorbitant
price. Reward that in principle was created to boost R&D for neglected
tropical diseases. Unfortunately  this is following the same path as that
what we saw with Knight Terapeutics who was awarded a vouched from
registration of Miltefoisine for leishmaniasis, voucher that was sold at
$125 millions. Today Knight Terapeutics is considered to be among the more
effective companies in its industry at turning revenues into bottom line
profit, however, with no signs of innovative R&D for neglected tropical
diseases in their pipeline.  



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