[Ip-health] Help get to a million signatures on US pressure on India petition

Joanna Keenan-Siciliano joanna.l.keenan at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 06:41:11 PST 2015

Hi all

Some of you may have seen the petition being run by online campaigning
organization Avaaz - after a briefing with MSF - which asks US President
Obama to stop putting pressure on India to change its patent laws, which
would force the country to grant more patents. Patents are a barrier to
enabling people to access affordable generic medicines -- more than 80% of
the medicines MSF uses in its HIV treatment programmes are generics made in
India, the 'pharmacy of the developing world.'

Many of you will recall the seven-year-long Novartis case we campaigned
against, where a drug company tried to change India's laws through the
courts -- well now, it's the full force of the US government, backed by big
pharma lobbyists, and they mean business. I

The news out of India isn't good - the new government appears it may buckle
under the pressure and yield to the US's demands for some of the most
dangerous and damaging demands on intellectual property.

Avaaz are trying to get a million signatures - and they're so close! We're
at 992,000 signatures and we need your help to get to one million! Please
sign the petition yourselves if you haven't already done so, but more
importantly, please share the link widely with your networks.

Here's the link:

Many thanks!

Joanna Keenan
Press Officer
Médecins Sans Frontières - Access Campaign
P: +41 22 849 87 45
M: +41 79 203 13 02
E: joanna.keenan[at]geneva.msf.org
T: @joanna_keenan


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