[Ip-health] Compulsory Licence Application filed over AstraZeneca’s Saxagliptin

swaraj barooah swaraj.barooah at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 16:21:11 PDT 2015


"Earlier today, we received an anonymous tip-off
an application for a Compulsory License had been filed last week for the
patent covering Saxagliptin. On checking, we found that it was true – a
Compulsory Licence application has been filed over AstraZeneca’s diabetes
management drug Saxagliptin. This marks the third Compulsory Licence
application that has been filed thus far. The first one (Natco’s application
<http://spicyip.com/2012/03/breaking-news-indias-first-compulsory.html> for
Bayer’s Nexavar) was successful, and the second (BDR’s application
BMS’s Dasatinib) was rejected. You can find the present CL application here
have to click on the PDF dated 29 June 2015).

This rather long post will try to explore the strength of the present


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