[Ip-health] WHO updates patent information on sofosbuvir and ledipasvir for the treatment of Hepatitic C Virus

Daniela Bagozzi dbagozzi at me.com
Tue Mar 24 07:58:25 PDT 2015

New medicines on the market have given new hope to the millions of people who suffer from Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), a chronic disease that often leads to severe liver disease and kills between 350 000-500 000 people annually.

WHO works closely with Member State governments to assess and promote policy options for increasing access to these medicines, which remain unaffordable to many of those who need them and put an enormous financial strain even on the health systems of high-income countries.

More: http://www.who.int/medicines/news/patent_info_sofo-ledis-vir/en/
Download patent landscapes here: http://www.who.int/phi/implementation/ip_trade/ip_patent_landscapes/en/

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