[Ip-health] IP-Watch: After TTIP Round, “Important” Differences Remain On GIs, Negotiators Say

Thiru Balasubramaniam thiru at keionline.org
Sat Oct 24 02:03:51 PDT 2015


After TTIP Round, “Important” Differences Remain On GIs, Negotiators Say

23/10/2015 BY WILLIAM NEW,


On pharmaceuticals, Garcia-Bercero said there was a “very good engagement”
by both sides. It is a question of mutual inspections, he said, and also
how to facilitate approval of biosimilars.

Mullaney said they are looking for an opportunity in each sector to create
efficiencies and benefits for consumers. In pharmaceuticals and medical
devices, he said they are looking for an outcome in which manufacturers
could avoid multiple inspections by authorities so regulators don’t have to
devote duplicate resources. Each of these sectors has specific things they
are looking at to reduce burdens of costs, he said.


The issue of the GI and trademark systems has been a hot one recently at
the World Intellectual Property Organization, where Europe and the United
States faced off last week at the annual WIPO General Assembly (IPW, WIPO,
15 October 2015).

Negotiators on the TTIP press call made no mention of any other
intellectual property issues nor of investor-state dispute settlement

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