[Ip-health] MSF analysis on UK's Review on Antimicrobial resistance (O'Neil report)

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MSF analysis on UK's Review on Antimicrobial resistance (O'Neil report)

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has published our analysis of the recently
published ‘Review on Antimicrobial Resistance’ (O'Neill report)
commissioned by the government of the United Kingdom and the Welcome Trust
and published by the AMR Review team in May 2016.

The challenge of tackling growing levels of antimicrobial resistance is
immense, including that of drug resistant forms of TB.  Our response both
identifies where we agree with the recommendations laid out by the AMR
Review, and ways in which we think the recommendations and analysis of the
Review can be improved. The analysis is guided by our belief that the needs
of patients should be at the centre of the response, in particular those of
the neglected and the most affected populations. The analysis reviews the
recommendations in the area of medical tool development, stewardship and
access which governments and policymakers may wish to consider these at
upcoming inter-governmental discussions on AMR at the UN High Level Meeting
on AMR as well at during discussions at the G7 and at the G20.

The full analysis can be accessed here:

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