[Ip-health] WHO Launch: Global report on access to hepatitis C treatment. Focus on overcoming barriers

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Dear All;

Please do forgive my slip of the fingers on this. My (incorrectly stated) questions was "Will WHO fund access?"  when it should have been stated as "who WILL FUND access?"  We recently presented at Glasgow that, given the generic prices of APIs used in HCV treatment, the price of therapy could well fall to $90 for a 12-week course of treatment in the near future..     

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Dear Daniella good news. It is important that WHO play a role, as manyother partners at national and international level, are contributing withadvocacy and access strategies. I know that WHO does not fundpharmaceutical products. Let me please now raise the question of WHO roleon the promotion and assistance to countries in the use of TRIPSflexibilities, as mandated by several WHA resolutions.

As stated by Professor Joseph M. Fortunak, Hep C treatments are a cure.The 12-24 weeks of treatment at the current unpayable prices to the vastmajority of countries (developed and developing) will made impossible toeliminate the disease. Will WHO now begin aggressively to promote and supportcountries on the use of TRIPS flexibilities and in particular thereinforcement of the criteria of patentability, the grant of CompulsoryLicences and the parallel importation?

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