[Ip-health] Al Engelberg's Memo To The President: The Pharmaceutical Monopoly Adjustment Act Of 2017

Jamie Love james.love at keionline.org
Tue Sep 13 14:06:52 PDT 2016


Al Engelberg has a new blog in Health Affairs, this one providing a series
of policy recommendations to a new president.   Engelberg focus
largely on curbing or modifying many of the patent plus privileges drug
developers have
​ (patent extensions, pediatric testing exclusivity, data rights, 180 days
for 1st generic entry, different rules for injunctions, etc)​
, for any drug, and also on the special issue of drugs based upon public
sector research.
​  The blog presents a lot of data on how drug companies are profiting from
the current set of poorly designed incentives.

​He ends with this comment:​

Experience has proven that the government’s policy of granting extra
monopolies to drug makers was a bad idea that has spurred excess profits
for the pharmaceutical industry rather than more innovation. In truth,
there is no greater spur to innovation than the need to replace the lost
profits from the looming expiration of an existing monopoly. The rollback
of extra monopolies may actually compel drug makers to become more
innovative if they wish to continue earning above average profits. But at
the very least it will lower drug costs by shortening the length of
pharmaceutical monopolies.

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