[Ip-health] YOLSE Statement on UN HLP Access to Medicines Final Report

Safiatou SIMPORE DIAZ ssdiaz at yolse.ch
Fri Sep 16 10:17:12 PDT 2016

Dear all,  
    We applaud the United Nations Secretary-Generalâs High-Level Panel on Access to Medicines final report.   
    We are happy that the Panel recognizes that it is not possible to achieve « the 2030 Agenda and its aspiration to leave no one behind » if the problem of access to innovative health technologies is not solved arround the world.   
    The conflict between intellectual property law, international human rights law, trade rules and public health can not be solved without, as a panel said, « using robust and effective accountability frameworks that hold all stakeholders responsible for the impact of their decisions and actions on innovation and access to health technologies.»   
    The national Governments are called to be in the front line to act immediately. The panel strongly recommends to fully implement the TRIPS flexibilities and the Doha Declaration. Thus, we urge the subsaharan african countries particularly the francophone countries to follow this recommendation.  
    The transparency of the**R&D costs and pricing of health technologies has been also ****highlighted. The panel recommends the***WHO and the United Nations Secretary-General « to initiate a process for governments to negotiate global agreements on the coordination, financing and development of health technologies. *****In this line, we urge the Subsaharan African Governments to commit more investment on Health.  
    The report also mentiones that the bilateral and regional free trade agreements (FTAs) exacerbate policy incoherence because they contain TRIPS-PLUS provisions that undermine to use of the Doha Declaration by governments to ensure their obligations on human rights and public health. We urge the African Union and the different regional economic organizations to abandon such provisions in the Pan African Intellectual Property Organization (PAIPO) and the *Accords de Partenariats Economique (APE).*  
    The incoherency between regional and national laws and practices that has been stressed by YOLSE contribution to the High Level Panel is underlined in this report.  
  For more information on YOLSE contribution to the High Level Panel:  [http://www.unsgaccessmeds.org/inbox/2016/3/4/safiatou-simpore-diaz-english-translation](http://www.unsgaccessmeds.org/inbox/2016/3/4/safiatou-simpore-diaz-english-translation)  
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