[Ip-health] Tedros response to r&d open letter

Dzintars Gotham dzintarsgotham at gmail.com
Tue May 23 09:50:52 PDT 2017

Dear colleagues,

Now that Tedros has been elected, here is the key paragraph that he wrote
in response to an open letter by 18 CSOs asking for his stance on R&D
reform. On rereading this, I found it to be better than I remembered.

"I agree
with the authors that the gap has
not yet been addressed. As already
indicated in my vision statement I am
committed to accelerating research
and innovation along a continuum
from basic science and discovery
to the development pipeline for
diagnostics, medicines, and vaccines
and the operational research necessary
to optimise their use. I intend to
intensify the ongoing dialogue and
efforts including exploration of
alternative mechanisms as well as
translation of already existing and
new commitments into action with a
great sense of urgency. I will champion
increased investment, national
capacity strengthening and robust
public-private partnerships to drive
these actions. I will listen to partners
offering creative ideas and innovations
towards common goals."

Original open letter and responses are here

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