[Ip-health] UACT, UAEM press Regents to Drop Patent Claim on Xtandi in India

Claire Cassedy claire.cassedy at keionline.org
Wed Sep 13 10:53:33 PDT 2017


UACT, UAEM press Regents to Drop Patent Claim on Xtandi in India

By: Claire Cassedy On: September 13, 2013

Today, September 13, 2017, Emily Leonard, a US Navy veteran and UC San
Diego alumna, spoke on behalf of UACT and Universities Allied for Essential
Medicines before the University of California Board of Regents.  Ms.
Leonard delivered a copy of the letter sent to the Regents on May 24, 2017
asking the University of California to drop its pursuit of a patent on the
prostate cancer drug enzalutamide (sold by Astellas as Xtandi) in India.
The Board of Regents has yet to reply to the May 24, 2017 letter, or a
follow-up letter sent on August 9, 2017 to Regents member Sherry Lansing.

You can watch Emily Leonard deliver her remarks and the May 24, 2017 UACT
et al letter here:


A transcribed version of Ms. Leonard’s remarks follow below:

Good morning Regents. My name is Emily Leonard, I am a US Navy veteran and
a 2017 UC San Diego graduate.

I am here today on behalf of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
and the Union for Affordable Cancer Treatment to present UC Regents with a
copy of a letter previously mailed on May 24th which UC has yet to respond
to. The letter, signed by over 56 medical organizations asks UC to drop
patent rights concerning a prostate cancer drug, Xtandi, generically known
as enzalutamide. The cost of the drug currently is $49 per pill. Research
suggests that if UC drops the patent, that the drug competition will allow
this vital, lifesaving drug to be produced for a mere 50 cents per pill. In
India, the average annual income is just $1,590. The current average price
of the drug for a 28 day supply is over $5,000.

Poverty should not be condemning the poor to death by default. I urge the
UC Regents to drop their pursuit of a patent. It’s simply the morally right
thing to do. Thank you.

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