[Ip-health] [e-drug] GARDP on WHO antibiotic pipeline report

Dr Khalid Saeed Bukhari skhs77 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 02:11:21 PDT 2017

Dear Balasegaram, 
Thank you for highlighting and giving wake up call on Dry antibiotic pipeline.
Most important steps we can take is the  Judicious use of available antibiotic and monitor the Quality of Antibiotics along with Supply chain integrity. As most of LMIC lacks a credible QA&QC system and use of Low quality antibiotic.Specially capacity and credibility  of NQCL, which plays important role in Quality monitoring in pre and Post marketing , most of Labs are not performing complete compendia testing which leads to substandard Antibiotics in Market.
Most sources of APIs are unqualified. 
Although in few Counties USP PQM with the financial support of USAID Mission is working on this issue and supporting Labs and Industry to improve their processes.But there is still need to strengthen these efforts on war footing. 

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