[Ip-health] Trump's high drug pricing speech: transcript of trade relevant section

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Further, in the Trump blueprint document (released after the speech), they point the finger even more clearly: 

"Growth in International Price Controls

The global financial crisis in 2008 spurred austerity measures in most European countries, including
more aggressive use of existing drug price controls. Between 2010 and 2011, 23 countries implemented
89 distinct measures to contain government spending on prescription drugs. Most used their single-payer
healthcare systems to impose drug price controls alongside increased copayments, value-added
tax rates on prescription drugs, and other measures.

In 2013, the World Health Organization published a paper describing the growing use of external
reference pricing, or the practice of using the price of a medicine in one or several countries to derive
a benchmark or reference price for the purposes of setting or negotiating the price of the product in a given
country. Every time one country demands a lower price, it leads to a lower reference price used by other
countries. Such price controls, combined with the threat of market lockout or intellectual property infringement,
prevents drug companies from charging market rates for their products, while delaying the
availability of new cures to patients living in countries implementing these policies."


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Unofficial transcript of Trump's 'other countries freeloading' portion of the high drug pricing speech today:

Starts at about 30:30 minutes into this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djqK_F0emLU

"...Finally as we demand fairness for American patients at home, we will also demand fairness overseas. When foreign governments extort unreasonably low prices from US drug makers, Americans have to pay more to subsidize the enormous cost of research and development. In some cases medicine that costs a few dollars in a foreign country costs hundreds of dollars in America for the same pill, with the same ingredients, in the same package, made in the same plant and that is unacceptable. You can look at some of the countries, their medicine is a tiny fraction what the medicine costs in the USA, it's unfair, and it's ridiculous and it's not going to happen any longer.

It's time to end the global free loading once and for all. I have directed US trade representative Bob Lighthizer to make fixing this injustice a top priority with every trading partner. And we have great power over the trading partners, you're seeing that already. America will not be cheated any longer. And especially will not be cheated by foreign countries. The American people deserve a health care system that takes care of them. Not one that taxes and takes advantage of our patients and our consumers and our citizens.

These reforms are just the beginning. In the coming weeks we will work with Congress to pass legislation that will save Americans even more money at the pharmacy. For that we need the help of Congress and we think it will be forthcoming...(continues)"

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