[Ip-health] 33 000+ citizens call on the Swiss government to use compulsory licensing

Patrick Durisch patrick.durisch at publiceye.ch
Thu Sep 13 08:14:51 PDT 2018

Dear all,

Today in Berne (Switzerland), Public Eye handed over more than 33 000 signatures gathered as part of its "collective appeal for affordable medicines" to the Minister of Health (and currently President of Switzerland) Alain Berset in front of the Federal Palais (Parliament Building).

The 33 103 concerned citizens have joined Public Eye, the Swiss Cancer League, Swiss patient groups and many national and international experts in their appeal to the Swiss government to use compulsory licensing where necessary to curb overpriced patented medicines such as cancer drugs.

The signatures were handed over in a fake medicine pack labelled "Remedium Forte" ("Strong Remedy") and were received by Minister Berset's spokesperson.

For links to the press release in different languages (incl. pictures), see below.

Patrick Durisch

PRESS RELEASE, Public Eye (formerly Berne Declaration), 13 September 2018

English: https://www.publiceye.ch/en/media/press-release/more_than_33000_people_call_on_the_swiss_federal_council_to_take_steps_to_curb_the_exorbitant_cost_of_medicines/

German: https://www.publiceye.ch/de/medien/medienmitteilung/33103_menschen_beschweren_sich_beim_bundesrat_und_erwarten_politische_heilmittel_gegen_kranke_medikamentenpreise/

French: https://www.publiceye.ch/fr/medias/communique-de-presse/plus_de_33_000_personnes_appellent_le_conseil_federal_a_prendre_des_mesures_contre_les_prix_exorbitants_des_medicaments/

Italian: https://www.publiceye.ch/it/media/comunicato-stampa/piu_di_33000_chiedono_al_consiglio_federale_di_agire_di_fronte_allimpennata_dei_prezzi_dei_farmaci/

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