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*Invitation for public comment: Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and
Well-being - SDG Accelerators **Strengthening collaboration among
multilateral health organizations to accelerate country progress on the
health-related Sustainable Development Goals*

*Discussion period: *17-30 June 2019

*Submissions: *Please submit your responses to SDG3_Secretariat at who.int by
Sunday, 30 June 2019. Please include the title of either (a) the
accelerator discussion paper(s) on which you are submitting comments,
and/or (b) general comments, in the subject line of your email response.
All submissions will be published online.

*Engage on Twitter: *Invite others to join the public discussion, using
hashtag *#ActionSDG3* (Please note comments made on Twitter will not be
considered in the preparation of the final Plan).


Twelve multilateral global health and development organizations have united
under a joint vision and commitment to align efforts and more effectively
support countries in achieving the health-related targets of the 2030
Agenda for Sustainable Development. The 12 signatory agencies are Gavi, the
Vaccine Alliance (Gavi) <https://www.gavi.org/>, the Global Financing
Facility (GFF), <https://www.globalfinancingfacility.org/> the Global Fund
<https://www.theglobalfund.org/en/> to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria,
<https://www.unaids.org/en>UNAIDS <https://www.unaids.org/en>, UNDP
<https://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home.html>, UNFPA
<https://www.unfpa.org/>, UNICEF <https://www.unicef.org/>, Unitaid
<https://unitaid.org/#en>, UN Women <http://www.unwomen.org/en>, World Bank
Group <https://www.worldbank.org/>, WFP <https://www1.wfp.org/zero-hunger>
 and WHO <https://www.who.int/en/>.

These agencies signed a commitment
October 2018 to develop a “Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and
Well-being for All” to align their efforts to more effectively support
countries to achieve the health-related SDG targets. Read a draft outline
for the Global Action Plan
which will be launched in September 2019.

Country priorities and needs will be the key driver for the collective
actions undertaken by the 12 agencies. Over the past months, several
country consultations were held to identify key priorities and needs at the
country level. Country consultation is the focus of chapter 3 in the Global
Action Plan.

Chapter 4 in the draft outline relates to “accelerator” areas. Working
groups developed discussion papers in seven “accelerator” areas in which
joint action by the signatory agencies could support countries to
accelerate progress towards the health-related SDGs. Each paper includes
suggested concrete actions to be undertaken by the signatory agencies,
primarily at the national level, to support countries.

*Feedback on the discussion papers*

The Global Action Plan signatory agencies are inviting stakeholder feedback
on the discussion papers, through a public process from 17-30 June 2019.
All stakeholders, including governments and non-State actors, are
encouraged to make written submissions. Signatory agencies are committed to
ensuring an inclusive process in developing the Global Action Plan. Several
multi-stakeholder consultations have been conducted on seven thematic or
“accelerator” areas.

Submissions will be published online and will inform the final draft of the
Global Action Plan, which will be presented during the United Nations
General Assembly in September 2019.

*Note:** These documents are working papers and subject to change. They do
not necessarily reflect the views of the 12 Global Action Plan signatory
agencies. **Key elements of the accelerator discussion papers will be used
as inputs to the Global Action Plan. *


The following questions are proposed as a guide to respondents.

*General comments on the Global Action Plan:*

   1. What do you see as the key opportunities offered by *The Global
   Action Plan for Healthy Lives and Well-being for All?*
   2. Which previous collaborations across the signatory agencies have
   proven to be effective in accelerating impact in countries and could be
   recommended as good practice / for scaling-up?

*Comments on the accelerator discussion papers:*

   1. Regarding the paper, do you have suggestions for improvement, to
   further leverage the potential of closer collaboration and alignment
   between the 12 organizations?
   2. Regarding the proposed actions, do you have suggestions for
   improvement to more effectively provide joint support to countries to
   accelerate progress towards the health-related SDGs?
   3. Is your institution involved in, or planning, an initiative to
   support countries accelerate progress toward the health-related SDG targets
   that could align with the accelerator actions described?

*Please note the following guidelines when providing feedback:*

   - Please provide your feedback in writing, either in the body of an
   email, or in a separate document sent as an email attachment. Comments
   inserted directly into the PDFs of the outline or accelerator papers will
   not be accepted.
   - Include the full name, title and affiliation (e.g. representing a
   Member State, or an organization, or in an individual capacity) of the
   person providing feedback.
   - Include the title of either (a) the accelerator discussion paper(s) on
   which you are submitting comments and/or (b) general comments in the
   subject line of your email response.
   - Please ensure that your feedback is high level, action-orientated,
   precise, feasible and related to the specific issues raised in the
   accelerator papers. Feedback should not exceed one page per accelerator
   - The Global Action Plan Secretariat is not able to consider feedback
   that does not contribute directly to the Global Action Plan and its goals
   of greater alignment across the 12 signatory organizations in support of
   the achievement of the health-related SDGs by countries, e.g. feedback
   focused on an individual agency or its mandate.
   - The Global Action Plan Secretariat will not respond to individual
   comments directly. However, all comments will be taken into consideration
   during the drafting of the final Global Action Plan.

*Please note: *All comments received will be published online.

*Papers for public comment*

   - Outline of the Global Action Plan

*Accelerator discussion papers:*

   1. Sustainable Financing
   2. Primary Health Care
   3. Community and civil society engagement
   4. Determinants of Health
   5. Research and development, innovation and access
   6. Data and digital health
   7. Innovative programming in fragile and vulnerable states and for
   disease outbreak responses


Please submit your response by *23:59 CET, Sunday, 30 June 2019 *to
SDG3_Secretariat at who.int

In the subject line of your email response, include the title of either (a)
the accelerator discussion paper(s) on which you are submitting comments,
and/or (b) general comments.

*Thank you in advance for your time and valuable feedback.*

Thiru Balasubramaniam
Geneva Representative
Knowledge Ecology International
41 22 791 6727
thiru at keionline.org

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