[Ip-health] Orange Book insulin patents

Luis Gil Abinader luis.gil.abinader at keionline.org
Mon Jun 24 08:24:49 PDT 2019

KEI recently put together a dataset of patents listed in the current
version of the U.S. Orange Book for products related to insulin. It is
available here: http://drugdatabase.info/insulin-patent-landscape/

This dataset has the Orange Book patents listed for insulin product
currently in the market, and additional information about each patent -
including their title, abstract, assignee, and their USPTO Patent Full-Text
Database link.

Here are some counts based on our dataset:

16 different types of insulin, and several different delivery mechanisms.
44 currently marked products.
14 products have no patents.
30 products have at least one patent.
99 unique patents, 22 with pediatric exclusivity.
37 patents are cited by multiple products.


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