[Ip-health] How The ‘Know-How Gap’ Might Impact Scale-Up Of Covid-19 Vaccines And Treatments

Kaitlin Mara kaitlinmara at medicineslawandpolicy.net
Wed Dec 16 08:01:05 PST 2020

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How relevant are concerns about intellectual property rights causing
problems for scaling up production of Covid-19 related diagnostics,
therapies and vaccines? Haven’t some important pharmaceutical companies
announced that they won’t enforce their patents during the pandemic? Even
if others do decide to enforce their patents, won’t the availability of
compulsory patent licences solve the problem? Patents are indeed a concern
but they are not the only form of intellectual property right which is
relevant in thinking about access to diagnostics, therapies and vaccines.

A new briefing paper from Medicines Law & Policy examines challenges in
accessing 'know-how' and how navigating the 'IP stack' will be both complex
and necessary to ensure widespread access to the tools needed to treat the
pandemic. It is available here:

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