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Companies Betting Oral Vaccines, Therapies Will Boost Fight Against COVID-19
Published: Apr 28, 2021 By Alex Keown

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Vaxart is one of the numerous companies developing an oral vaccine for
multiple viruses, including COVID-19. In February, the company released
preliminary Phase I data that showed its oral vaccine candidate VXA-CoV2-1
was well-tolerated and generated an immunogenic response. While
neutralizing antibodies were not seen in the interim Phase I information,
the company said its vaccine candidate VXA-CoV2-1 triggered multiple immune
responses against SARS-CoV-2 antigens, including CD8+ cytotoxic T-cell
response to the viral Spike (S) protein.

Vaxart isn’t the only company aiming for an oral vaccine. Oravax Medical
was formed in a joint venture by Oramed and Premas Biotech last month to
develop oral vaccines against COVID-19. The company’s vaccine oral
candidate is a virus-like particle (VLP) triple antigen vaccine that
targets three structural proteins on the virus, which could be beneficial
against mutated forms of the novel coronavirus.

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mmunityBio, Inc., which recently merged with NantKwest, is also developing
oral vaccines – a tablet and a sublingual formulation. In March, the
company announced positive interim safety data for its Phase I study. The
trials are expected to be fully enrolled in the second quarter of this

The two Phase Ib trials study a combination of subcutaneous/ sublingual and
oral formulations of ImmunityBio’s hAd5 T-cell COVID-19 vaccine candidate.
Based on the findings of these trials, the optimal combination of
administration route and dose will be determined and entered into the Phase
II/III design, the company said.


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