[Vaccine-manufacturing] Politico: EU, US set to launch coronavirus manufacturing task force: draft

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EU, US set to launch coronavirus manufacturing task force: draft

-- By Jacopo Barigazzi and Ashleigh Furlong
June 9, 2021, 1:55 pm

The EU and U.S. have established a joint COVID Manufacturing and Supply
Chain Taskforce, according to draft conclusions of the upcoming EU-U.S.
summit, as the two “aspire” to vaccinate at least two-thirds of the world’s
pollution by the end of 2022.

The task force will “deepen cooperation and identify and resolve issues
around expanding vaccine and therapeutics production capacity,” according
to the draft document for the June 15 summit, seen today by POLITICO. This
will include “building new production facilities, maintaining open and
secure supply chains, avoiding any unnecessary export restrictions, and
encouraging voluntary sharing of know-how and technology on
mutually-determined terms including through the ACT-A.”

Several efforts are already underway, both in the EU and globally, to
increase the manufacturing of coronavirus vaccines as well as reduce export
barriers. The draft conclusions make no mention of the role of intellectual
property in producing vaccines, something that the EU and U.S. are divided

On how the two plan to continue supporting COVAX, which is part of ACT-A,
the EU and U.S. write that they will “encourage more donors to make 2
billion vaccine doses available worldwide by late 2021.” They add that they
“aspire to vaccinate at least two-thirds of the world’s population by the
end of 2022.”

The statement also reiterates the desire of the EU and U.S. for reform at
the World Health Organization, including through more sustainable financing
and improving the organization’s internal operations. Notably, the text
calls for progress on phase two of the WHO’s study into the origins of
coronavirus “that is free from interference.”

The U.S. has been the most persistent in pushing for further investigations
into the origins of the virus, with President Joe Biden authorizing an
investigation into whether it began as a laboratory leak.

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