[A2k] ACTA: Original Expectations and Future Implications in Bridges Review

Ahmed Abdel Latif aabdellatif at ictsd.ch
Mon Dec 20 04:40:29 PST 2010

*ACTA: Original Expectations and Future Implications*
*By Ahmed Abdel Latif*

In November, a group of forty mostly industrialised countries released the
text of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). This article looks
at the treaty’s possible implications for the global intellectual property
system, as well as its backers and the developing countries hostile to it.

Available online at: http://ictsd.org/i/news/bridges/98805/

Bridges Review • Volume 14 <http://ictsd.org/news/bridges/volume14/> •
Number 4 <http://ictsd.org/news/bridges/volume14/number4/> • December 2010

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