[A2k] Denmark has switched side and works now on longer term for sound recordings!

Manon Ress manon.ress at keionline.org
Fri Apr 1 05:44:40 PDT 2011

Denmark has recently switched sides on the issue of term extension for
sound recordings. See the press release from the Danish Ministry of
 (and google translate or practice your Danish).

This means that there is no longer a blocking majority against the
proposal. There is a real danger now that Hungary (the current EU
presidency) will push through the directive in the Council within a
matter of weeks.


Longer protection for musicians' copyrights
The Government will work towards extending the period in which
recordings and performances of musical works are protected.
Cultural Affairs Per Stig Møller says:

"I attach great importance to the musicians having strong rights. In
government, we have carefully considered the matter and finds that a
term of 70 years would be a sensible approach. Musicians should not
experience losing rights to their recordings, while they are still
active. We will therefore work towards an extension of protection that
will strengthen the musicians and record companies' rights. "

The Commission presented in July 2008 a draft directive on an
extension of protection for musicians and record companies. So far
there has been broad consensus among parliamentary parties to work
towards the protection, which is true today of 50 years from the first
performance or recording.

Right holders have found it important that Denmark supports an
extension of protection, then known Danish musicians should feel that
their recordings can be utilized without requiring them to give
consent, etc. The matter has been debated in the Parliamentary
Culture, where there was much support for a longer term of protection.

Culture Minister looks forward to broad political backing for Denmark
is working actively for an extension of protection to 70 years when
the Economic and Business Affairs shall present the case in European
Affairs Committee on Friday, 25 February 2011.

Cultural Affairs Per Stig Møller says:

we will work to ensure that the proposal is adopted as soon as
possible. It is important to musicians' rights are guaranteed in their
lifetime, which a proposed term of 70 years will contribute to do. "

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